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One of the best guitarist I have listened to in the last 30 years!”

— Nine-times Grammy Winner pianist Chucho Valdes, in ocasion of having Elmer as special guest of the Chucho Valdes Quintet concert opening the first edition of the Varadero Jam Festival.

Watching Elmer Ferrer do a workshop performance was an absolute jaw-dropping experience. It plainly showed music has no boundaries”

— John Emms, The Rock Report, Timmins Daily Press.

Elmer’s music is so far advanced – a mix of Cuban jazz with Electric Blues. When you put those two things together, so ridiculously fast and beautifully played to the point it was almost unbelievable.”

— Canadian Music Promoter Paul Symes. Article by Celeste MacKenzie published on the Montreal Gazette

Electric guitar seduced Cuban away from classical studies. Advanced mix of Jazz and Blues. ”

— The Montreal Gazette

This CD is so full of good music, great composition and fat attitude, that it is flat out addicting! Elmer has one of the best guitar tones going, so fat and juicy it just knocked me out! ”

— Fango Dance Review by Stuart Winkleman, Rocketsounds

Ferrer´s music straddles lines that typically separate jazz and rock; his intensity and virtuosity break down any imaginary barriers or labels that we like to assign”

— NY - “Jazz Cuba Today” Editor´s pick

A perfect summer day: Elmer Ferrer Band rocked the Main Stage yesterday afternoon.”

— The Ottawa Citizen

Subtle tone combined with raw power; muscle with real musicianship; potent production -this record has it all. Elmer Ferrer has a long career ahead of him and ranks among the best players in the world.”

— "Fango Dance" Review by JC Weyman,

Thank you! a guitarist with a great chord vocabulary. Wouldn't change a thing. Soulful playing. Brilliant!”

— "El mar no descansa" Review by Norah Jones' former Dave Wood via

"Metropoli" is an instrumental piece of art in which Jazz emerges covering the broad spectrum of fusion: from electric to jazz rock and AfroCuban beats. A real display of good taste and musical audacity" ”

— Odalys Troya, "Elmer Ferrer, Guitar at the ready" - Trabajadores Newspaper

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