Ernie Ball Music Man Cutlass+ HSS Custom 
Ernie Ball Music Man Cutlass HSS Custom
Ernie Ball Music Man Cutlass SSS
Ernie Ball Music Man Silhouette Special HSS (custom made for Zucchero's La Sesion Cubana world tour)
Ernie Ball Music Man Reflex
Gibson Les Paul Standard 60 Reissue
Fender Telecaster American Standard
Danelectro Baritone Guitar 
Custom made fretless guitar
Esteve ELEC Acoustic Classical Guitar
Esteve Cuban Tres Cutaway
Taylor 114ce Acoustic Guitar
Sterling Sub Series Bass
Ariel Rolando Coro Charango Argentino
Kala Baritone Ukelele
Seagull M4 Mahogany SF


Marshall JMP 50 watts 1976 Head
Custom Audio Amplifiers OD100 Classic Plus Head
Mesa Boogie Lone Star Special Head
Overdrive Special (Dumble Type Amp) Head
Marshall DSL 100H Head
Fender Blues Deluxe Reissue Combo with Eminence Cannabis Rex Speaker
Fender Blues Jr. with Eminence Private Jack Speaker


Elmer Ferrer uses exclusively Eminence Speakers.

Mesa Boogie 1x12 Open back with Eminence Private Jack Speaker
VOX 1x12 Closed back with Eminence Red Fang Speaker
Suhr Reactive Load
Two Notes Torpedo Live (load box and speaker simulator) 


Keeley Electronics: Red Dirt Mini, Red Dirt, D&M Drive, Compressor, Super Phat Mod, White Sands.
Eventide: Eventide H9.
Maxon: OD9 Overdrive, SD 9 Sonic Distortion.  
Alonso Lab: 70s FUZZ, Distortion, True Bypass Boxes.
Ernie Ball: VP Jr.
Roger Mayer: Voodoo 1.
Boss: TU-3S Chromatic Tuner, Chorus CE2,  FV-500H,  FV-30H,  GE-7, OD-3, DD-20, RV-6, SL-20.
Fulltone: Octafuzz, Plimsoul.
Electro-Harmonix: Canyon, Good Vibes, Octavix.
Pro Co: Rat.
ZVEX: Distortron.
Coron: Over drive O300.
MXR: GTOD, Dyna Comp, Phase 95, Custom Audio Electronics BOOST/LINE DRIVER.
JOYO: Ultimate Drive.
Jim Dunlop: Cry Baby Mini.
Source Audio: Vertigo Tremolo, Tap Tempo, Expression pedal.
TC Electronics: Polytune, Spark.
Radial: Bigshot ABY.
Arion: Chorus SCH-1.
Hotone: Soul Press.
J. Rockett: Archer, GTO.
Wampler: Plexi Drive.
JHS: Unicorn V2.
Line 6: M5, M9.


Elmer Ferrer uses exclusively Ernie Ball strings

Electric Guitar Strings: Regular Slinky, Slinky Cobalt, Paradigm Slinky,  M-Steel Regular Slinky.

Acoustic Guitar Strings:  Paradigm Phosphor Bronze 11-52, Earthwood Phosphor Bronze Alloy - Light.

Classical Guitar Strings: Ernesto Palla Nylon Classical Guitar strings.

Recording Gear:    

BAE 1073 (Neve Preamp)    
Avid Pro Tools 2018    
Universal Audio Apollo Quad
UAD Plugins
Waves Plugins
Sound Toys Plugins
Plug&Mix Plugins 
UVI Workstation
Dynaudio BM6 Monitor Speakers
Avantone Active Mix Cube Speakers
Arturia Mini Lab MKII

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