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No Guitars Allowed

Elmer Ferrer Band featuring Ndidi Onukwulu

(Elmer Ferrer, 2009)

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No Guitars Allowed - Elmer Ferrer Band featuring Ndidi Onukwulu



No Guitars Allowed Track List

  1. Power of Greed
  2. Enough To Want More
  3. Green Valley
  4. Lleva y Trae
  5. No Guitars Allowed
  6. Pimpao
  7. Sancti Spiritus Blues
  8. Here Inside
  9. 23
  10. Shake Well

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Fango Dance, Elmer Ferrer Band
(Johnston Records, 2005)


Elmer Ferrer Band - Fango Dance


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Fango Dance Track List


  1. Estatica
  2. El mar no descansa
  3. Crazy window
  4. Fango dance
  5. Couldn't stand the weather
  6. Leopardo negro
  7. Natural hardware
  8. Come together
  9. E-Blues
  10. "Satch"arina
  11. Bonus Track ("Apagon")


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Metropoli, Elmer Ferrer
(Unicornio/Abdala, 2002)

Elmer Ferrer - Metropoli

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Metropoli Track List


  1. Demonios del dia
  2. Kelembe
  3. E-mail
  4. Juguete viejo
  5. Metropoli
  6. Mia
  7. Confirmation
  8. Yerba buena
  9. Los gatos de Alf
  10. Isabella

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